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At Class-IT we passionately believe in our standards for teaching, without exception or room for concessions. That is why we deliver the best training sessions in our field.

Let’s see how our standards resonate with you:

The right trainer for the right content, for your delivery

We don’t believe in trainers that can deliver any course. Not at the level where we are used to deliver our training sessions. Our trainers are highly specialized in the field where they work. Seasoned engineers and consultants with a broad background in IT and a passion for knowledge sharing.
Not just reading the book out loud in front of the class, but sharing real-life examples and avoidable pitfalls.

Remote or on-site, your choice

If the global situation in the last few years taught us anything, it is that flexibility is key. Do you appreciate your colleagues coming to a central location to be trained, in your office or in a temporary training room? We can totally understand.

Would you like your staff to be trained in the comfort and vicinity of their homes? No problem either. Our experienced training staff have well-equipped home-studio’s to facilitate your remote training needs.

Or, go hybrid, with an on-site kick-off session in your office and complete the training online. Remote or on-site? Your choice.

Trainer availability

Our trainers are first and foremost technical consultants. They deliver training sessions because they feel it is a nice way to change between different types of work. That entails that the training sessions we deliver need to be solidly planned. You can find a list of the training curriculum we deliver below. All deliveries take place in mutual agreement of planned dates.
We’d like to emphasize that while you may be fond of a certain trainer delivering sessions at your company, we cannot guarantee that the specific trainer you encountered on training “A”, will deliver all courses you’d like, because of our standards. Specialization before breadth.

Training Curriculum

Modern Workplace Curiculum

The Microsoft workplace encompasses a diverse ecosystem of productivity tools and applications, including Microsoft Office Suite, Teams, and SharePoint, designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and efficiency for individuals and organizations.

MS 900 - Microsoft 365 FundamentalsMD 102 - Endpoint AdministratorMS 102 - Microsoft 365 AdministratorMS 700 - Managing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Security Curiculum

Microsoft security employs a multi-layered approach, integrating advanced threat protection, identity management, and secure infrastructure to safeguard users, data, and systems across its comprehensive suite of products and services.

SC 900 - Security & Compliance FundamentalsSC 100 - Microsoft Cybersecurity ArchitectSC 200 - Security Operations AnalystSC 300 - Identity and Access Administrator

Custom training sessions

Our consultants are professional consultants and proficient in many facets of the Microsoft technology spectrum. With their broad background and deep knowledge they can share more than captured by the Microsoft Curriculum.

Maybe your engineers only need a fresh-up on a specific topic? Or your consultants want an update session on the latest and greatest Microsoft developments?

Contact us for a custom training that will exceed your expectation, every time.